e. braun farm tables

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I started E. Braun Farm Tables in 2000 as a side project to help support my family. I loved working with my hands, and crafting honest, quality furniture came naturally to me. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with talented builders, finishers and designers, some of whom are still with me today.

Community interest in my projects grew, and at the young age of twenty, my hobby became my career.

Reclaimed barnwood holds so much beauty. The past life of the boards, the history worn into the grain - I wanted to bring that character into my work and share it with my customers.

It quickly became a rewarding process - from sourcing local materials and manufacturing efforts, working with builders, finishers and designers, to finally making a simple pencil sketch become someone's reality. Creating something for families to enjoy and pass on to future generations is more than a business mission. It's personal.

Watching this business grow over the years has been gratifying in countless ways. I can honestly say I am blessed to be working with some of the most hardworking and talented people I know. E. Braun Farm Tables wouldn't exist without the strong values and work ethic of the staff. We will personally work with customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with the design and quality of our products.

Please take your time browsing our galleries and contact us, or stop in, if you have any questions.

My team and I are looking forward to creating something unique for your home.

Easton Braun